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Highly effective practice
for all textbooks in the world

  • Rafi is an educational mobile application for learning and training vocabulary on the flashcards principle.
  • Rafi can use audiovisual effects to teach students without interaction with the teacher, which would be otherwise necessary.
  • Rafi has the ambition to become an ideal tool for teachers in primary and secondary schools. It will fulfill all the requirements of (not only) distance learning.
  • Thanks to its wide range of application packages, Rafi is made for all users, regardless of their level of language and knowledge.
What makes Rafi unique?

What makes Rafi unique?

  • Rafi you can easily create your own textbooks, very specific vocabulary or your packages and word cards, according to your interests and needs. We will offer you pictures and create audio for your needs.
  • The teacher can create his own cards according to what he is currently teaching.
  • You can use our vocabulary in more than 40 languages ​​and our prepared lessons from quality textbooks.
  • We are the only ones who will allow you to create packages with cards that you really want to learn.
  • Don't have enough time to learn a foreign language? Rafi offers you the possibility of effective learning while driving a car or while doing other monotonous activities. Thanks to audio learning, you will not have to look at your mobile phone and you will control the cards via the multimedia buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Rafi is a suitable educational aid for the visually impaired.
How does Rafi work?

How does Rafi work?

  • You can easily control the application using intuitive gestures, buttons on the phone display or buttons on the car steering wheel.
  • You get ongoing motivating feedback on words you have already learned. You will be informed how long you have spent practicing.
  • The double-sided card contains a word, a picture and a phrase with an example of the use of the word.
  • The application plays the word and phrase automatically.

Where will you find Rafi?

User-friendly administration

User-friendly administration

Web based information system designed to manage data used in mobile application.

Interface designed to simplify creation of study circles. Ability to create either small independent courses or complex teaching material.

Available at link.

Intuitive mobile application

Intuitive mobile application

Simple and verified way to train your memory using the principle of flashcards.

Playful statistics to increase motivation to learn. Developed with partnership of professional pedagogical experts.

Application is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Download the application

The Rafi application will be available for download on both mobile. Coming soon!